Adjustable RG500 Ride Height Strut

RG500 Strut

The LG RG500 Strut is a high quality piece that has been instrumental in making my Gammas more enjoyable to ride. One of the features of the Lance Gamma strut is it doesn't need a locking nut; due to a unique feature in our rod ends. This makes them super easy to adjust on the bike. Just turn it and ride.

RG500 Strut

Stock Gammas can be perceived as having heavier handling than the light weight of the machine would imply. This is aggravated with the installation of wider wheels and tires, necessitating the alteration of the chassis geometry to compensate. Raising the forks up to 20mm in the clamps and installing an adjustable strut makes it possible to alter the steering head angle from 25.1dg (stock) to mid 23dg with about 98mm of trail (down from 110mm stock). These are very contemporary numbers and very effective.

RG500 Strut Ride height adjustment is done by reaching in with a single wrench and turning the center section of the strut.
RG500 Strut Just for reference, here is the stock RG500 strut.
RG500 Strut

Installed and ready to ride, the LG strut is mechanical art with a purpose. It personalized the handling of my bikes to suit my preference.

As an added bonus, stability at speed is enhanced. Properly adjusted, this part will help your Gamma turn in easier and quicker while also providing more stability at redline in top gear.

Strut $225 - plus shipping