Rick's Rap

As we find ourselves entering the 30th year of the RG500 era, let’s take time to reflect on life with the Gamma so far. When I first purchased my original RG in the fall of 1986, I never expected to still be enjoying these magnificent machines some quarter million miles later. Along the way I have discovered many secrets and solutions to the Gamma’s perplexities that I gladly share on this site. Please feel free to peruse this resource and find answers for yourself. A recent article in Practical Sportbikes describes my shop and how I help the Gamma community keep these magnificent motorcycles rolling. If you have any general interest or technical queries, please contact Mark Taylor, who has taken over Lance Gamma, at info@lancegamma.com. I would be happy to help you understand your RG and all the things that make it such a unique slice of motorcycle. Having collected an extensive selection of all things Gamma related, I stand eady to help you find that elusive component or upgrade that will get you back on the road in better shape than ever. Having owned an RZV500 for 25 years, I also welcome all Yamaha 500 fans to join in the fun. I may have some answers to your problems / needs with these complex machines. I perform all my own motor work including crank rebuilding and cylinder boring in house. If you need assistance with your RG or RZ motor project, perhaps I can help.

New features in the works include a regular column presenting significant and interesting Gamma biographies. These are the people that I have met over the last quarter century who helped make the RG500 the legend it is today. I will be offering a tech blog as time allows to expound on methods that I have developed or discovered which have helped make the Gamma the most satisfying vintage ride on the planet. Topics will be gleaned from online sites and from my personal emails but can also be submitted to me directly for consideration. If I feel that the subject needs my insight and opinion, you will see it here. If you don’t value my insight and opinion, I won’t see you here. Fair enough.

– Rick