Materials Required

  • 1 X box of 100 drywall screws (2” length).
  • 2 X right angle brackets with 3” rise on top hole.
  • 4 X 3/8”x1.5” carriage bolts with lock nuts and flat washers.
  • 2 X 3/8”x3” carriage bolts with 4 flat washers and 2 lock nuts.
  • 7/16”x7” carriage bolt with 2 flat washers and lock nut.
  • 7/16” wood screw eye bolts.
  • 2”x4”x9” L. stud.
  • 1 X sheet 4’x8’x½” plywood
    • cut into 2 parts 19”x17.375”,
    • 1 part 20.5”x17.375” and
    • 2 parts 19”x19.375”.
  • 1 X panel of ¾” plywood cut to 20.5”x17.375”
  • 2”x2”x8’ studs cut into
    • 4 parts 18.875”,
    • 2 parts 16”,
    • 2 parts 13”,
    • 2 parts 12”
    • 2 parts 9”
rg500 engine crate base plate

Base Plate with engine mounts

  • Mount 2”x4”x9” stud onto the opposite end of the ¾” plywood base from the rear mounting brackets.
  • Secure the 2”x4”x9” stud by sinking 8 drywall screws into it through the bottom of the base.
  • Install Eye Bolts
  • Draw centerline down the length of the stud.
  • Measure 2” in from each end and mark on centerline.
    • Position the eye bolt holes to be centered 4.75” from the front 17.375” edge, 6” from magneto side and 6.5” from clutch side of the 20.5” bottom edges.
  • Drill these 2 points with the 3/8” bit to locate the 2 eye bolts. 
  • Install the 2 eye bolts with 1 thread showing.

Bare Box ready to attach to Base Plate

  • Take each ½” panel measuring 19”x19.375” and (using 5 drywall screws) attach two 2”x2”x18.875” studs flush with the 19” edges and centered. 

  • Then attach the two 19”x17.375” sides to form a box measuring 19” high x 17.375” wide x 20.5” long. 

  • On the top end, attach the two 2”x2”x9” studs centered and flush with the17.375” edges of the box with the two 12” long parts along the19.375” sides. 

  • On the bottom end of the box, fit the 13” studs along the 17.375” sides and the 16” studs along the remaining 19.375” sides.
rg500 engine crate front mount detail Front Mounts ready to go. The wood takes the weight. Eye Bolts provide side-to-side locating point.
rg500 engine crate front bolted in Bolts and big washers secure the engine side-to-side.
rg500 engine crate mounted front

Bolted to Base Plate Front View

  • Attach 2x4 pieces to inside edge of Base Plate to give Top Box something to attach to. Attach using dry wall screws coming in from outside (underneath) the box into the 2x4. Do this before mounting engine to Base Plate.
  • Place the bottom end onto the ¾” base. 
  • Secure the2”x2”s to the base with drywall screws. 
  • Always run the drywall screws from the outside in through the plywood. 
rg500 engine crate mounted right Bolted to Base Plate Right Side View
rg500 engine crate mounted rear Bolted to Base Plate Rear View
rg500 engine crate mounted left Bolted to Base Plate Left Side View
rg500 engine crate tape over openings Cover all openings with tape
rg500 engine crate mounted top view

Attach Box to Base Plate

Mark the drywall screws that mount the 2”x2”x13” and 16” studs with a marking pen to indicate what screws to remove when opening the crate.

rg500 engine crate ready to ship

Attach Top to Box and add THIS WAY UP lettering and arrows