Lance Gamma Rides Again

RG500 enthusiasts can once again access parts and services from Lance Gamma. It is with great pleasure Mark Taylor announces that he has taken up the reins of Lance Gamma.

To order Lance Gamma parts please send an email to with your order and shipping address. I will then send you an invoice with totals including shipping and we can go from there.

Please keep any requests coming. We are here to help you all and keep these amazing motorcycles running their best!

We are an EBC Brakes dealer, so if there is anything you need from EBC, we will aim to have the best prices, subject to their policies.

Sincerely, Mark Taylor.

The Source


…for the finest in RG500 Air Filters and Fine Tuning Products and Services. Quality is central to everything Lance Gamma does. We stand behind every engine we build and every part we sell. Our mods have been tested for tens of thousands of miles. Rest assured that you are getting the highest attention to detail and the finest quality service available.

RG500 Air Filters

rg500_air_filter Here is the best intake system for the Gamma. Expect the best from the company that brought you the first RG500 air filter kit in 1987. Introducing the new Lance Gamma TriPod RG500 Air Filter system and LG3T RG500 Float Valves. The TriPod delivers as much air as the carbs can digest.

RG500 Clutch Upgrade

rg500 clutch Introducing the first and only comprehensive Clutch Upgrade Kit for RG500. Comes complete with everything you need for outstanding (read - normal) clutch behavior from your Gamma.

RG500 Supplemental Petcock

RG500 Supplemental Petcock Lance Gamma RG500 Supplemental Petcock gives you a reliable method of stopping fuel flow when the bike is parked. Handles are either blue or chrome, depending on buyer's perference.

RG500 Strut

RG500 adjustable strut Lance Gamma RG500 Adjustable Strut improves flick-ability and only needs one wrench to adjust ride height.

RG500 Shift Shaft Support

RG500 shift shaft supportLance Gamma RG500 Shift Shaft Support stops the shift shaft from wobbling on every gearshift.

RG500 Anti-dive Blanking Plate

RG500 Anti-dive blanking plate Lance Gamma RG500 Anti-dive blanking plate stops braking action from affecting how the suspension works.

A Message to Lance Gamma Customers and Friends:

We regret to say that Rick Lance passed away on May 15, 2019 from colon cancer. Not many people knew of the diagnosis he received in June 2018. Rick was a Christian who had an unwavering belief in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He knew that Christ's death on the cross and subsequent resurrection won for us, not only salvation from sin and death but also total healing through His broken body! Rick's faith in God's ability and willingness to heal him never wavered. Even those who visited him (who were not believers) and knew of his condition would walk away agreeing with Rick that the Lord will surely restore him to perfect health!

Rick's heart was always centered on helping people – to bring a little joy (usually through his quick witted humor), comfort (he frequently helped people who were in need) or simple friendship.

However, his ultimate desire was to be with Jesus. He lived a very full life and if you knew him well, he would have told you about the many times he was healed supernaturally! I was with my dear brother when he passed into Jesus' arms. I believe that the Lord showed Rick his Glory and gave him a choice to stay or go to Heaven. What a choice – right?

On behalf of Rick Lance, we want to thank you for your years of loyal support as well as friendship.

Sincerely, Katherine Lance - Rick's Sister

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