RG500 Shift Shaft Support

RG500 shift Shaft Support

Shift lever action on a stock RG500 feels imprecise. The stock plactic bushing allows the shift shaft to wobble. This wobble propogates to the shift lever which makes the lever action feel mushy.

This kit stops that. The RG500 Shift Shaft Support provides crisper shifting while maintaining the stock look. An added benefit is that Neutral becomes easier to find.

It directly replaces the marginal plastic bushing with sealed stainless steel bearings.

The kit contains two sealed stainless steel bearings to support the shift shaft plus a hard aluminum spacer to locate the bearings.

shift shaft support

Here's an installed LanceGamma RG500 Shift Shaft Support.

Note: The original setup includes a flat washer just inside the clip. On some bikes it isn't possible to pull the shift shaft out enough to include both the hard aluminum spacer and the stock washer.

The image of an installed shift shaft support shows the kit installed on such a bike.

The kit works just fine without the washer. If the washer will fit on your bike then install it. Otherwise just add it to your "extra parts" box.

$45 plus shipping